Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi,Everyone, i just thought i would share with you some of my beautiful handmade cards i recieved for my birthday.

These are from sandra,bubbles and margaret.

Justine,Anita and Hannah.

Pauline,Sally and Elaine.

Sheila (showing the inside of her card)

The outside of Sheila's card.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

miniboox board

This week, we made a some cards using the miniboox board from keepsake.A beautiful heart shaped card under the theme cards with love in mind.We used a lovely textured dark red card, gold border peel-offs. The card was embellished with red bridal flowers and organza ribbon.We also made a box to match decorated with overlapping hearts.

The other card was a mini book a trix,made in blues and silvers.Embellished with flowers,border peel-offs and organza ribbon. Both cards were quite quick and easy to do, but very effective.